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Our holistic aromatherapeutic facials are not only an incredible treat for your skin and senses but for your body and mind as well through the healing power of touch. Choose from the following  wellness experiences.

30 min  $75

60 min  $110  includes massage & foot rub

A deeply relaxing and restoring deep pore cleansing treatment that will leave you and your skin feeling fresh and rebalanced. This facial gives you the basics of healthy skin care and includes warm aromatic towels, facial steam, gentle extractions and a customized masque.


70 min $140

Our signature facial is a rejuvenating and brightening treatment using vitamin C, enzymes, and acids to boost antioxidant protection, gently exfoliate, and promote collagen synthesis. Hypnotic massage of the face, decollete, shoulders, neck, scalp, and feet are included.  Skin is glowing and luxuriously strengthened to help you age gracefully.  Cheers to that!


9min $165

A mesmerizing full body experience that begins with a back treatment and tension reducing massage then continues with a customized nourishing facial. This healing treatment will allow you to fall into a deep state of relaxation. Scalp and foot massage are included while you rest.


50 min $100

Our acne solution treatment helps to purify, balance, clear, and soothe using mild corrective chemical peels and powerful anti-inflammatory serums. Expert extractions, a detoxifying masque, and LED therapy are included.


90 min $220 (duo)

105 min $260 (trio)

This integrative facial combines sublime relaxation with award-winning therapeutic technology. A combination of modalities will be chosen based on your concerns and skin health. This experience includes botanical enzyme and acid peels, nourishing massage—plus hands and feet, customized masque, firming eye treatment, cooling globes to soothe and reduce facial tension, and a selection of the following additions:

  • The Rezenerate Nano Technology nutrient delivery system exponentially enhances product absorption and nourishes skin at a cellular level, promoting intense hydration and creating immediate and visible results for ultimate rejuvenation with no down time. Considered a perfect micro-needling alternative.

  • NuFACE Microcurrent Facial Lift helps erase fine lines and wrinkles and reduces puffiness while firming skin and defining features. The toning/lifting action makes it an amazing alternative to invasive treatments like injections, surgery, and other costly procedures that require down time. Microcurrent results are immediate and cumulative.

  • Celluma LED Light Therapy provides a boost of cellular energy using wavelengths that are clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin production, diminish discoloration, aid in wound healing, and clear acne. It is an FDA cleared product trusted everyday by thousands of doctors and therapists around the world.

— contraindications will be discussed prior to booking —

This facial was recreated in memory of my amazing sister, Glow co-founder and my lifelong kindred spirit, Nancy Brace Davis.





Lip  $15.00

Eyebrows  $25.00

Eyebrows & Lip  $35.00

Eyebrows Lip & Chin  $40.00


Important Notice:
Let us know first if you are using doctor-prescribed skin care products or taking any medications.  We want to make sure waxing is the best choice for you.



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